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Rotating Nozzles for High-Pressure Water Jetting

KAMAT Rotating Nozzles for efficient Cleaning

Our rotating, externally-driven nozzles concentrate the hydraulic energy completely on the processing step.

In order to ensure a surface treatment with excellent results and within a reasonable time, we have developed special externally-driven rotating nozzles suitable for our high-pressure pumps: According to requirement of the customer, our nozzles can be driven pneumatically, electrically or hydraulically. In case of traditional, self-driven rotating nozzles, the water jet encounters an angle before its discharge from the nozzle and this sets the nozzle in rotation. Driving the rotating nozzle causes an energy loss of the water jet and hence is significantly less efficient. KAMAT rotating nozzles enable coherent jets which are capable of being moved precisely and quickly even over large surfaces. In case of externally-driven rotation, the hydraulic energy is used completely on the surface being jetted, which enables excellent and efficient work results on surfaces.

Furthermore, our pump accessories program offers a great number of further high-pressure nozzles, such as orbital nozzles, cone nozzles, fan nozzles and special pipe-cleaning nozzles.


Type Download
PRD 3500 Rotating Nozzle Rotating Nozzle [169 KB]
Nozzle Heads for PRD 3500 Technical Data [198 KB]
Nozzle Head DK1 - DK4 Selection Tables Selection Table DK1 [311 KB] Selection Table DK2 [314 KB] Selection Table DK3 [327 KB] Selection Table DK4 [289 KB]
PRD 3500 Air pneumatically rotating nozzle Technical Data [205 KB] Accessories/Spare Parts [256 KB] Connection Arrangement [203 KB]
Nozzle Heads for PRD 3500 air Technical Data [41 KB]
KOD Orbital Nozzle Technical Data [146 KB] Type Overview [88 KB] Part No. [124 KB] Spare Parts [117 KB]
Straight jet insert nozzles Form A + B Technical Data [62 KB]
Flat jet insert nozzles Form C Technical Data [73 KB]
Straight jet insert nozzles Type 0952 Technical Data [53 KB]
Straight jet threaded nozzles Type 0987 + 0964 Technical Data [53 KB]
Threaded Nozzle Inserts M3 - M6 Technical Data [126 KB]
Pipe Cleaning Nozzle 1000 bar 17mm - Technical Data [223 KB] 40mm - Technical Data [133 KB]
Pipe Cleaning Nozzle Aqua Twister 1500 bar Technical Data [198 KB]
Pipe Cleaning Nozzle rotating 1000 bar Technical Data [232 KB]
Twin Rotary Nozzle DRD 1000 bar Technical Data [175 KB]
Pusher and Lance Tube 1000 bar Technical Data [153 KB]
Quattro Nozze and Cross Jet Nozze Technical Data [179 KB]
Tank Cleaning Nozzle TWK 200/1500 Air Technical data [131 KB] Accessories [271 KB]
Well Cleaning Nozzle self-rotating Technical Data [310 KB]