Our website relaunch does not just come with a new design, but also with better functionality – everything is accessible within three clicks

Panta rhei – Everything flows! Thus, it was not only the construction team that developed new things and re-designed old ones. Our marketing team has also been working flat out over the past few months on the relaunch of the company’s website optimizing the pages and their functionality for the user. The existing website www.kamat.de was revised and adapted to the latest standards. Now, the homepage offers a more user-friendly overview as well as the best possible accessibility to KAMAT products and services. All high-pressure products and services of KAMAT can be reached quickly via the new and clear menu navigation.

New KAMAT homepage is finally live! New features and easier usability

Vassiliki Stadimos, head of Marketing and Communications, is relieved: “Our homepage is live! The planned relaunch took place successfully this week. Our website is online again – in a new look! Thank you to my team that has done the impossible in the last few weeks, in the last phase of the relaunch, to be able to go online on time during this year’s bauma. The work was more than worth it!” In addition to the modern design, the site offers new features. Visitors to the site can now get even better digital information about KAMAT.

Responsive design, optimised functionality, CAD- and know-how data base are some of the new features

Project managers will now be able to access any needed information for their project including the known pump and nozzle finder, 24/7 online. All technical information can also be found within our all-new CAD Library, it will include CAD drawings of all our pumps, valves and other parts. It will not only help understand our modular system but also enable the user to configure pumps within it. All pumps can be set up using the four key parts, them being the gearbox, pump head, valves and safety valves. All data will be available in PDF, STP and DXF format. The new responsive setup of our website will also ensure accessibility using PC, Smartphone, Tablet and many more.

But why even create a new website? 

“To put it simple, our website backend was already six years old, the last update of our content management system was put in place four years ago. And even back then it wasn’t really an up-to-date management system. Installing a newer version would have needed major programming work and in some places wouldn’t even have been possible”, explains Stadimos. Additionally, our website host informed us that our old website’s CMS version was too old and would soon start causing problems. That was when it became clear that we had to move on if there was no update installed: The systems were too old and did not come anywhere near the needed standards to meet today’s demands. It simply did not work anymore or at least would stop working very soon.

Relaunch inevitable – the system wouldn’t have been able to withstand another update

Therefore the project auf the relaunch became inevitable. “Target of the relaunch was to enable any interested visitor to reach the required information within three steps. We put great emphasis on user friendliness and structured our main menu to allow for fast orientation over everything KAMAT has to offer. We think we succeeded”, says a happy Stadimos. The new concept is already receiving a lot of good feedback: The new website is received as a lot more tidy, cleaner in presentation, structured, innovative, pretty, informative, transporting more knowledge and encourages to get in touch with us. Target reached!