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Our Service Provision for your High-Pressure System

Service Hochdruckpumpen Navi
High-Pressure Know-How from Project planning through to Maintenance

We accompany your high-pressure system from the first project planning stage, through turnkey handover, to maintenance.

Our objective is a high-pressure system working for you as customer with permanent reliability and high-efficiency. Therefore we offer you a comprehensive service package, from which you can select individually according to your requirements: Include us as early as in the planning stages of your system and in this way exploit the potential of our modern high-pressure systems. On request, we implement a turnkey installation for you and accompany the operational startup of your entire system with the high-pressure technology supplied by us. We train your personnel for maintenance and repair or implement it with yourself. We provide these services for you worldwide on site.

Maintenance Consultation

Maintenance: Best planned for high Efficiency

Strategically-planned maintenance and wear part procurement ensures high levels of efficiency and reliability. With our experience, we provide our customer with permanent support in this task.



Installation worldwide on Site

Around the globe we provide for the professional installation of our high-pressure systems on site if required. In this way, our customers worldwide receive operational startup-capable systems which start securely.


Operational Startup of High-Pressure Systems

Operational Startup with Performance Tests

On our in-house test rig with 1 MW performance, we put all high-pressure systems into operation before delivery. Do you wish to be present in this case? We would be happy to accommodate you, because witness tests are a matter of course for us.



Know-how: We tell it to you

On request, we provide intensive training to the operating personnel of our customers in all questions involving high-pressure systems, the control and the high-pressure technology. So that everything runs well for you.



Flexibility with autonomous Maintenance

So that customers can securely carry out maintenance on KAMAT high pressure systems and pumps standalone, these are already designed in their construction for simple maintenance.