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Training Sessions relating to High-Pressure Pumps and High-Pressure Technology

Maximum Benefit derived from Knowledge Transfer

With intensive training sessions, we transfer to customers our know-how involving systems, control and high-pressure technology.

Although our products and systems are constructed so that their operation and maintenance are as simple as possible, high-pressure technology in itself involves many special features and also the automatic control requires precise knowledge, especially in case of its integration into a higher-level overall system. The system, its control and best knowledge of the high-pressure technology, are prerequisites in order to enable the extraction of maximum benefit from the KAMAT system. For this reason, we recommend to correspondingly train the personnel of the operator.

Our training sessions include both the maintenance and repair of the components, as well as the complete systems. Concerning the control, we train to Siemens S7, or on request also to other systems which are employed by the customer. The training sessions are generally implemented on site by our global partners. We ourselves offer training sessions at the KAMAT Headquarters in Witten.

A special feature is the training of the project teams of our OEM customers. They often design large systems which have KAMAT high-pressure systems at their core. On request, we train the project team in the subject of high-pressure technology, so that our know-how can be integrated as early as in the construction phase, and thus all possible degrees of freedom are capable of being exploited.