New partners get acquainted with KAMAT at the salestraining in Witten/Germany

From June 27-30, a salestraining for all of the latest entries in the KAMAT family as official distributors took place at KAMAT. The conference with our distributors was held over a period of three days and left a great feeling of excitement with our visiting distributors and our staff at KAMAT. It was our first in-house conference since the start of the corona pandemic. The conference was initiated by our sales directors Fabian Hoff and Johannes Albanus. Both were left greatly excited by the event: ”It was great to finally meet our new distributors and welcome them to the family of KAMAT in Witten. So far, we had only met online and weren’t able to exchange ideas and visions for the future, in person.”

Day 1- Kick-off: Official welcome of all 23 participants and a presentation of KAMAT

Almost every company invited took part in the training event and sent at least one participant. KAMAT welcomed 23 representatives from our distributors, all lead staff from the technical sales departments of the companies. We kicked things off with an opening pitch held by Dr. Ing. Andreas Wahl, managing director of KAMAT, presenting our company and showing all visitors around our high-tech facilities of production, development and administration. That was followed by live try-outs of our products. Distributors were giving the chance to see and operate our products in action, experiencing their quality and excellence while also being trained and shown how to service them with ease.

Day 2-3: Introduction to our product portfolio, corporate identity, case studies and active dialogue during the salestraining.

The following two days were filled with an in-depth training and new knowledge concerning our product portfolio and how to select the best solution out of the given options.

That was followed by the distributors presenting themselves and the case studies they brought with them. These case studies are always a highlight and the foundation for eager discussion on distribution and application possibilities, forging new strategies and objectives. Finally, we finished these two days with presentations on the KAMAT marketing strategy and activities. Of course, all of this was accompanied by an entertaining evening program to further encourage personal exchange which we so dearly missed during the pandemic.

Feedback, that made us proud

We were met with massively positive feedback towards all components of our in-house conference. Our visitors confirmed the effectiveness of our training, taking a lot of knowledge back home and having enjoyed the exchange of knowledge with us and other distributors. Also, the evening program was thoroughly enjoyed! That’s motivation enough, for us at KAMAT, to keep organizing these events.

Voices from the visitors:

This training was extremely useful and provided in-depth technical knowledge about pumps and their functions. It was great to meet with the KAMAT team and distributors internationally.

(Wajid Ali Panhwar, Project and Procurement Engineer at ALLEGO Global)

Very interesting training and glad to meet the KAMAT team and worldwide distributors! Thanks KAMAT GmbH & Co. KG for the perfect organisation!

(Geoffrey Van Weert, Owner of Flowmotion Pump Solutions)