The KAMAT modular system is reflected in the product name

Did you already know? The KAMAT modular system isn`t just something we go buy to advertise and further innovate our products, it’s in our DNA and we live by. The well-known benefits of the introduction of a modular system, including the improvement of quality, adaptability to requirements, and cost effectiveness of production, are a practice that we put at the very center of every development in our workflow and construction.  But, what use would such highly thought-through system be if it wasn’t carried over naming and description of the products.

KAMAT designation system/ name plate of the pumps explained at a glance

KAMAT designation system/ name plate of the pumps explained at a glance

Product labelling reflects modular system – Naming described by means of an example

Therefore, our naming of every pump and accessory complies with exactly that key modular system and mirrors the modules used for that system. This is easiest explained when looking at the name of one of our KAMAT plunger pumps.

Plunger pump K55020-5G A1

All our pump designations or as we like to see them, names, consist of six separate modules.

  • We have the K, standing for the line of the product. In this case: a KAMAT plunger pump
  • number varying in-between 4-6 digits, telling us what gearbox is used and the max. power input it is capable of
  • An up to 3-digitnumber included in the description of the gearbox, but describing the diameter of the plungers used
  • The number of plungers in the configuration
  • The type of gearbox chosen to best suit the setup
  • A letter telling what pump headversion is used

The uniform product labelling indicates nearly all relevant information of the pump

These names indicate almost all characteristics of the deployed pump. Only the materials used, flow rate, valve type, gear reduction and engine speed are not indicated in the designation. The advantages of this are vast, the greatest being easy understandability of the configuration resulting in fast communication between all company internal divisions and most importantly: the customer in need of consultation.

So now that you know, come speak to us so that we can create the perfect modular pump, adapted to your unique application!