The medium-sized pump manufacturer KAMAT wants to support war victims and refugees in Ukraine with aid packages.

According to managing directors Dipl.-Ing. Jan Sprakel and Dr. Ing. Andreas Wahl, right now, an employee is on his way to the Ukrainian border. He drives in the company’s sprinter, which is packed full of food and relief supplies.

“We stand by the side of the Ukrainians” is the message from the KAMAT management. To ensure that the donated relief supplies arrive directly where they are needed, KAMAT is in contact with a customer from the Ukraine, who coordinates on site and communicates what is missing or needed. The customer will receive the delivery at the Ukrainian border and distribute it directly to people in his city, the Ukrainian location of his company.

What KAMAT is particularly pleased about: On the way back, the transportation vehicle does not remain empty. It serves as a ride for a mother and her 16-year-old daughter, providing a safe escape route from the war zone, away from attacks by Russian forces towards safety and to relatives in the Ruhr area.

“Our thoughts and feelings are with the suffering Ukrainian population,” said the management.