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Ostermann Alta Presión S.L.

Ostermann Alta Presión S.L.
C/Azagador de las Monjas, 7 Bajo
46018 Valencia (España)

Tel.: +34 96 1251711
Fax: +34 96 1251711

E-Mail: info@ostermann.es
Web: www.ostermann.es

Our years of experience in high-pressure water technology dates back to 1997. In 2014 we rebranded our company and founded Ostermann Alta Presión. For over 25 years and now in the second generation, we have been serving the Spanish market mainly in the area of high-pressure ​water jetting. We have built a reputable company that has gained a good reputation amongst its wide customer base.

Mobile high-pressure pump unit from KAMAT with Ostermann Alta Presión S.L. C/Azagador de las Monjas, 7 Bajo 46018 Valencia (España) Tel.: +34 96 1251711 Fax: +34 96 1251711 E-Mail: info@ostermann.es Web: www.ostermann.es

Official sales partner of KAMAT since 2014

Thanks to KAMAT GmbH & Co. KG, we are now also well-known in various other industrial sectors. Ostermann AP has been an official KAMAT plunger pump sales partner from the start in 2014. Ostermann Alta Presión are not only able to supply plunger pumps we are also able to supply complete high-pressure plunger pump systems to meet individual customer requirements. In addition to KAMAT’s high-pressure pumps and systems, we offer a wide range of products which includes high-pressure accessories. Ostermann AP is also a distributor of various reputable accessory manufacturers, these products that are indispensable in everyday high-pressure water jetting operations. We also have demonstration and rental equipment that is ready for use at any time.

Aftersales service or maintenance of all device

With KAMAT as our reliable partner we are very happy to represent a German pump manufacturer that has very high quality products. KAMAT prides itself in manufacturing products that are always state of the art, very reliable and easy to maintain. In addition, we appreciate the importance of occupational health and safety and therefore, we have protective clothing and protective devices available for a wide variety of needs. We would be pleased to assist and advise you on any of your high-pressure needs, aftersales service or maintenance of your devices.


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We would like to get in touch with you regarding your concrete wishes or your individual questions. No matter which kind of industry or what kind of application you have: You will be surprised how precisely our high-pressure technic and our wide range of products fits your needs. Now is the best time to talk to us. We look forward to you.

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Trade Fairs and Exhibitions

Date Place Fair / Event Sales Partner
03/30/2022 - 03/31/2022 Melbourne, Australia AUSJET 22 Longwall Hydraulics
04/18/2022 - 04/21/2022 Moscau, Russia NEFTEGAZ 2022 KAMAT GmbH & Co.KG
05/16/2022 - 05/19/2022 Nashville, USA AISTech Nashville 666 Dover Hydraulics INC.
06/06/2022 - 06/10/2022 Athens, Greece Posidonia LAMDA CLEANING SYSTEMS P.C.
06/22/2022 - 06/23/2022 Dortmund, Germany Pumps & Valves KAMAT GmbH & Co. KG
07/06/2022 - 07/08/2022 Beijing, China Cippe 2022 Wang De High Pressure Pump (Tianjin) Co. Ltd.
08/22/2022 - 08/26/2022 Frankfurt/Main, Germany ACHEMA 2022 KAMAT GmbH & Co. KG
09/06/2022 - 09/09/2022 Hamburg, Germany SMM KAMAT GmbH & Co. KG
09/28/2022 - 09/30/2022 Almaty, Kazakhstan KIOGE OIL & GAS KAZAKHSTAN KAMAT GmbH & Co. KG
10/24/2022 - 10/30/2022 Munich, Germany bauma 2022 KAMAT GmbH & Co. KG
10/31/2022 - 11/03/2022 Abu Dhabi, UAE ADIPEC 2022 Terra Technology
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