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High-Pressure Technology for Industries2022-12-12T11:20:20+01:00
since 1974

max. 50750 psi
max. 282 m³/h, 1242 gpm
max. 1500 kW

Your high-pressure plunger pumps manufacturer for innovative high-pressure technology and high-pressure solutions

We offer high-pressure solutions. Jetting, hydraulic or process technology: solutions with high-pressure pumps and ultra-high-pressure pumps, complex pump systems and high-pressure systems are our competence.

The name of KAMAT has been a synonym for competence and experience in the field of construction and production of high-pressure plunger pumps and systems since 1974, all made in Germany. In the hands of the second generation, we are developing made-to-measure high-pressure solutions, being provided to the most versatile and difficult challenges in many applications worldwide.

When you are facing a challenge. We bring the expertise.

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