We produce high pressure pumps and complete systems with up to 1500 kW and up to 3500 bar. Furthermore, do we not only produce and develop pumps but also the equipment and accessories needed for the application itself.

high pressure plunger pump K18000-3G
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High-Pressure Pumps
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Pump Units
KAMAT high pressure valves
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High-Pressure Valves
KAMAT high pressure jetting tool for water as a tool
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High-Pressure Jetting Tools
KAMAT high pressure nozzles
High-Pressure Nozzles
KAMAT high pressure filters
High-Pressure Filters
KAMAT high pressure rotating joints from KAMAT
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Rotating Joints for HP Tools
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Customer Specific HP-Solutions
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Second-Hand Units

High-performance high pressure plunger pumps and accessories for safe, efficient and non-tiring work as a solution to your challenge

The applications that our products can provide solutions for are incredibly diverse and are already being used in many industries including industrial cleaning, mining-hydraulics, process industry, chemistry and energy sector, marine industry, hydrostatic testing of pipelines and vessels and many more. The variety of jobs that our ultra high pressure systems are being used for is already incredible divers, but we are always looking for partnerships and projects to progress into new industries and applications.

Highly functional accessories for save efficient and non-tiring operation as a part of our high-pressure solutions

Our gained experiences have always led us on to further progress with the development of highly functional high pressure equipment and systems. Starting from very small parts like highly developed nozzles, robots like our ship hull crawler of our surface cleaning Gekko series and high-tech rotating tank cleaners up to big mobile units, they are all part of our portfolio. All these products are unified by their orientation towards practicality, operator safety and user friendliness in combination with our known standards of extreme high quality. Test us – we will convince you!

high pressure manometer from KAMAT, built on high pressure pumps