The KamJet 3500 – the mobile high-pressure unit for industrial high-pressure cleaning and maintenance

The KamJet sets new standards in the field of mobile high-pressure units and is your first choice for industrial high-pressure cleaning and maintenance tasks.

Technical specifications and possible applications of the mobile high-pressure unit

This innovative, diesel-powered mobile high-pressure unit reaches pressures of up to 3000 bar, ideal for demanding applications where precision and performance are essential. With a maximum operating time of eight hours on a full tank, the KamJet offers exceptional efficiency for long working periods.

Equipped with a modern control unit, the KamJet is not only suitable for the Gekko 350 surface cleaner, but also for other demanding high-pressure applications. Its high-quality construction guarantees durability and minimal maintenance, which reduces operating costs. The mobile unit is mounted on a robust two-axle trailer, which allows a maximum speed of 100 km/h and can also be used in noise-sensitive areas thanks to its soundproof hood.

Ease of use and accessories for mobile high-pressure units

The entire unit, including the pipes, is rustproof and therefore equipped for use in the toughest conditions. The state-of-the-art touchscreen control or remote control together with the fully automatic pressure control allows easy operation, which is quickly mastered even by less experienced users. The KamJet supports the simultaneous use of two consumers without the performance of one interfering with the operation of the other. The integrated system control cabinet is equipped with all the necessary monitoring functions and enables automatic pressure and speed control.

In addition, the KamJet offers a wide range of accessories and high-pressure jetting tools, such as the surface cleaner Gekko 350, making it a versatile tool for a wide variety of high-pressure cleaning tasks. With the KamJet, you are choosing a mobile high-pressure unit that combines performance, flexibility and reliability in a compact design.

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Technical Specification
  • nominal flow Q = 32 l/min
  • discharge pressure p = 2985 bar
  • required power P = 175 kW
  • Volvo water cooled Diesel Engine TAD 583 VE with latest emission requirements Stage 5
  • automatic pressure control
  • remote control with display
Special Features
  • installed on a two axle road going trailer, 100 km/h
  • sound and waterproof canopy
  • stainless steel water supply
  • bypass control with water temperature
  • Diesel tank for 8 hours operation
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Mobile High-Pressure Unit KamJet with Water Tank and Booster Pump Technical Data PDF Icon 453.0 KB