KAMAT as a supplier for made-to-measure pumps, handling the most difficult, and aggressive media in the process industry

Many industries rely on pump units with a high resistance towards aggressive, abrasive, hot, cold or low viscosity media that are also dosing accurately. We at KAMAT have developed very powerful high-pressure pumps enabling easy and reliable handling of such fluids even if they are of very high viscosity.

Mood picture for applications in the process industry. It shows a part of a chemical factury

Our company’s philosophy as a key ingredient to reliable process pumps for applications in the process Industry

We at KAMAT manufacture only from alloyed steels free of any coatings. The use of exclusively alloyed steels, adapted to the fluid pumped, is critical for the longevity of process pump units. The reliability of our pumps is further increased by our in-house developed modular system. These two key ingredients put KAMAT in a position, second to none, to produce made to measure and reliable processing pumps, fast and at a low cost.

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