KAMAT is a partner in the Blue Competence Initiative

We are a partner of the sustainability initiative Blue Competence. Blue Competence is an initiative of the VDMA to promote sustainability in mechanical and plant engineering and to make sustainable solutions in the industry known. Through our partnership, we are committed to the 12 sustainability principles of the engineering industry.

Through this initiative, we regularly exchange ideas with other companies in the industry, learn about new approaches to improving sustainability, and participate in training courses. In this way, we try to keep up to date in this area as well.

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The partners share common goals:

  • Shaping the world with technology – even the day after tomorrow: The challenges posed by the major megatrends of our time can only be mastered with cutting-edge technology and technical innovations. Globalization, urbanization, mobility and an aging society are tasks for which mechanical and plant engineering already has the right solutions, be it in energy and air-conditioning technology, electromobility, water supply and wastewater disposal, building technology or medical technology. Mechanical engineering will continue to contribute to a sustainable quality of life in the future.
  • Achieving more with fewer resources: The world’s population is growing, but natural resources are not. To ensure that we can all live in dignity on this planet in the future, we must use what we have sparingly. This can be achieved by increasing efficiency, which has been a core competence of the machinery and plant engineering industry for decades. Energy is a good example of what is possible. The demand for energy is increasing worldwide. This increase can be slowed down with innovative technology – by saving energy in drives, pumps and production processes.
  • Taking responsibility: The machine and plant construction industry is characterized by medium-sized companies. Many have been family-owned for generations. This has created a social tradition. And an ecological and cultural commitment to the location. We are committed to treating our employees with respect and to cooperating with our customers and suppliers worldwide in a spirit of trust.
  • Being a role model: With every new development, the machinery and plant engineering sector demonstrates that sustainability also increases profitability. Resource and cost efficiency are two sides of the same coin. This insight also applies to other industries and other regions of the world. Blue Competence wants to show that acting sustainably is not only good, but also profitable.
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