KAMAT high-pressure technology for paper industry

Perfectly suitable for industrial cleaning and the cutting of paper with waterjets

There are many applications in the paper industry, that high-pressure pumps can be useful for. It is needed to clean off logs when they enter the paper manufacturing process, remove pollution from them. Also is the manufacturing machinery reliant on a thorough cleaning process to remove dirt and other production wastes. KAMAT high-pressure pumps are perfectly suited for such tasks.

Water jet cutting during the manufacturing process in the paper industry

The cutting of the continuously flowing produced paper requires a continuous stream of water at a pressure of at least 3,000 bar. Multiple nozzles are placed in line to ensure the cleanest possible cut at the edge of the paper that is travelling as fast as 120 km/h (33 m/s). KAMAT can produce pumps that not only deliver on the pressure but can also be finely adjusted in volume.

Mood picture for paper industry showing paper rolls in a factory
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