KAMAT Control Valve DN32, ATEX, side view with connections and

Precise control over working units with the help of our in-house manufactured control valves

Our KAMAT in-house manufactured control valves represent an ideal solution when looking for an uninterrupted trouble-free solution for fluid flow direction control. The combination of our different valves, such as directional valves, on/off valves and switch valves, renders complex tasks in easy-to-steer functions of your high-pressure unit.

Multiple control valve options ensure versatility in application

All our control solutions can be remote controlled by either using electric, hydraulic, mechanical or pneumatic access, making our solutions even more versatile and adaptable to various challenging environments. All of these solutions can be manufactured using special materials, further improving their versatility and making them suitable for use in combination with demanding media like chemicals.

Technical Specification
  • pneumatic or electric
  • 2/2-way and 3/2-way
  • up to 3,500 bar
  • up to  240 l/min
Special Features
  • suitable for multi-consumer/multi-gun operation
  • according to ATEX possible
  • fluid-specific materials
Part number
How to use
To get a dimensional drawing from our CAD library, just double-click the 7-digit part number of the desired product and enter it in the search box.

Soon you can see all available drawings in the three formats: .dxf, .pdf and .stp.
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Suction Valve Lifter, pneumatic Technical Data PDF Icon 224.4 KB
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