Rotation Nozzle PRD 3500 Air pneumatically driven for industrial jetting ensures workflow with highest possible efficiency

Our PRD 3500 Air is a highly capable rotating nozzle driven by a pneumatic engine. It is easy to mount and can be fitted to almost any high-pressure device. This versatility enables a great spectrum of usage may it be on small or long lances, and, making it very cost-efficient.

The KAMAT PRD 3500 Air for easy handling

The PRD 3500 Air needs very little tools and expertise to be fitted correctly. Its user friendliness, low weight of 2,5 kg paired with the capability to be used at 3,500 bar make it a real powerhouse when it comes to the cleaning of large surfaces and industrial jetting.

Technical Specification
  • max. working pressure: 3,500 bar
  • max. flow rate: 50 l/min
  • hose connection: M 26×1.5 IG
  • nozzle head connection: M 14 x 1.5 LH male
  • length: 217 mm
  • weight: approx. 2.5 kg
  • variety of usable nozzle heads available

Pneumatic Drive / Air motor

  • speed rpm: 0 – 1800 rpm
  • air requirement: 5.0 l/s (filtered & oiled air)
  • air working pressure: 6.3 bar
  • power: 120W
Special Features
  • pneumatic drive with air motor
    (without nozzle head)
  • can be fitted to lances and guided equipment
  • easy assembly
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