Ultra-high-pressure for the pharmaceutical industry

Small volumes and extremely high pressures up to 2,500 bar

In the pharma industry KAMAT plunger pumps are being used to inject and dispense different fluids and suspensions accurately. KAMAT is able to pump fluids in very small amounts (starting at 1 l/min) with extremely high pressures of 0-3,500 bar. Also, can all our pumps be built with special materials and have little to no dead spots and can therefore be delivered compliant to CIP.

Due to our specific control and valve technology, KAMAT pumps fulfill all demands made by the pharma industry. Our in-house production also allows us to adapt our products even further by using special materials like Duplex or Inconel – enabling us to pump the most difficult liquids there are. Our highly developed seals ensure safety at all times.

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