High-pressure units for inshore and offshore based aquaculture

High-pressure technologies for the cleaning of nets and apparatus with high-tech cleaning robots

The sea-based farming of fish requires highly reliable pump units for the cleaning of the net enclosures. The cleaning process, carried out by robots, is carried out with flowrates of 300-550 l/min at a pressure of 150-200 bar. KAMAT is a supplier of such pump units, they can easily be installed on service ship and have very small footprint.

Our Pump design and high-quality materials allow for jetting with seawater for the industry acquaculture

High quality alloyed steels and the rejection of coated materials allow for a worry-free use of seawater, even if sand or other particles are suspended within it. Also are we experienced with the manufacturing of the controls and how to encase them to be protected appropriately from the elements.

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High-Pressure Pumps
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Pump Units
KAMAT green Container with main door open showing a glimps of the KAMAT high-pressure unit