Waterjet technology: definitely clean

Perfect adaptation of jetting to any surface

Whether the problem is hard incrustations or tough accumulations, with a water jet anything can be removed completely without damaging the surface. With the right adjustment of the high-pressure system, even hard deposits can be removed from soft surfaces, without causing any damage. The technology can equally be applied for paint and rust removal from large surface areas; again, the structure is not affected or damaged.

The use of jetting technology in the cleaning of runways as an example

New fields of application are arising every day: One of the latest jobs to be successfully performed is the effective runway cleaning of international airports. Here, the rubber debris which accumulates when a jet lands on the runway is taken off using the high-pressure water technology. We install a KAMAT high-pressure pump with a performance of up to 29 l/min at 2,500 bar in a special-purpose vehicle. Using a cleaning tool specifically designed for the job, the rubber layers are completely removed and sucked into a dirty-water tank. Just a further example to show how KAMAT plays an important role in improving safety standards, this time in air traffic.

Airport runway ready for Jetting

Applications of Jetting

Surface Treatment
High-Pressure Cleaning