High-pressure technology in the energy sector – a powerful partnership

From cleaning to environmentally friendly energy storage

KAMAT`s high-pressure technologies cover a great variety of applications in the energy sector. In an industry increasingly striving for more sustainability, we help to keep energy consumption to a minimum. Our superior energy efficiency of 95 % plus helps us increase efficiency of the entire sector. There are so many applications for our technology in the energy sector that we cannot name all of them here.

Cleaning of heat exchangers with high-pressure water

Heat exchangers are in need of thorough cleaning on a regular basis. They are frequently used in the energy sector but also many other industries. Its is of extreme importance for their efficiency to be cleaned. We at KAMAT produce the mobile and stationary pump units for such tasks but also the high-pressure guns and lances, and nozzles for such tasks. We are also equipped to provide all of our equipment according to the safety standards of your business.

Pressure testing of vessels and pipelines of eco-fuels

We provide high-pressure equipment to test almost any enclosed volume for pressure resistance. This is increasingly important for eco-fuels which oft are required to be stored and injected at high pressures than conventional fuels. KAMAT high-pressure pumps can be scaled to perform such test may it be cyclic, hydrostatic or a burst test, but we also provide entire units including the valves needed for the test.

Hydraulic stimulation of deep rock

The hydraulic stimulation of soil and deep rock is commonly known as fracking and helps extract bound energy resources form the rock. Using KAMAT pumps, this can be done without the use of additional chemicals and isn not harmful to the environment.

Same application can be found for geothermal energy where energy is sourced from the earths own heat. KAMAT pumps are used to support the drilling process and the process of energy transfer itself.

Environmentally friendly energy storage

At the moment we are performing scientific work with partners to explore the field of energy storage. The basic idea is that a highly energy efficient KAMAT pump is being used to convey media to a place or state of higher potential energy that can be sourced back on demand. This is of great importance to provide for intelligent green storage during a green energy expansion.

Geothermie water and mud
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