Made-to-measure costumer specific high-pressure solutions

KAMAT offers tailor-made solutions for all high-pressure and ultra-high pressure challenges

KAMAT is a supplier to many fields of application and industries that frequently rely on unique solutions for their met challenges. Thanks to our unique modular system, we are in a position like no other to provide and develop excellent technical equipment. The size of the project is not of relevance, whether it is a single high-pressure pump unit or a large pump system, we will find the right solution. We always provide the best technology we can for small and big projects.

Great know-how in many industries make customer specific high-pressure solutions possible

For decades, KAMAT has been a supplier for unique applications, worldwide and for many industries. Certifications of all components according to your needed standards and norms are a daily business at KAMAT. We are at your side from the very beginning of your project, consulting you with our knowledge, designing and manufacturing high-pressure solutions, while ensuring a safe and long runtime with adjusted operation of controls, drive and automation technology, electronics and many more while meeting all safety standards such as explosion protection.

Thanks to our modular system and our experience we are a perfect partner for your projects, for cost-efficient and reliable made-to-measure costumer specific high-pressure  turnkey systems.

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