Surface preparation with waterjet technology from KAMAT

Fast, effective, cost-effective, environmentally friendly

The range of ultra-high-pressure (UHD) not only makes it possible to remove dirt from surfaces, but also to actively process and manipulate them. The jet used for industrial cleaning is extremely versatile in its characteristics. In the case of complicated surface structures in particular, water jet processing is particularly advantageous compared to other methods. It can be precisely moved over intricate structures, thus removing unwanted material.

Processing of various materials

The work of the water jet can be significantly influenced by varying the pressure. In this way, a wide variety of impurities such as paint and rust can be removed from the materials to be processed, but the material itself can also be processed. Renovation of concrete and water jet cutting are also part of our competencies

Possible Applications in Surface Treatment

Surface treatment with jetting in the ship industy

Applications of Surface Treatment

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Core Removal
Rust Removal
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Concrete Renovation