KAMAT offers powerful high-pressure pumps that can handle sensitive process chemicals with ease

An ammonia pump from KAMAT can be used to pump aggressive, abrasive, hot, cold and corrosive fluids in process engineering.
Process industry challenges.

Process industry challenges

In the process industry, especially in the chemical and petrochemical industries, it is often necessary to pump highly viscous liquids precisely and under high pressure. A typical example: continuously feeding 23 liters per minute at 2000 bar into the production process – around the clock, every day of the year.

Solution with KAMAT Process Pumps

KAMAT process pumps, such as the ammonia pump, meet these demanding conditions with flying colors. They are not only powerful and offer volumetrically accurate delivery, but can also be used flexibly for a wide range of fluids. Whether corrosive, abrasive, hot or cold, KAMAT process pumps are up to the challenge.

Versatility and adaptability

A key aspect of KAMAT process pumps is their ability to handle a wide range of fluids. This includes not only highly viscous fluids, but also highly volatile or multiphase fluids. Their robustness and reliability make them ideal for demanding applications in the process industry.

Custom Design and Quality

Designed by experienced engineers, KAMAT process pumps are characterized by their modular design and excellent quality. Whether complete custom solutions or individual custom pumps, KAMAT offers the right solution for every specific requirement.

Flexible modular system

KAMAT’s innovative modular system allows process pumps to be individually adapted to customer requirements. Additional functions such as barrier fluids, leakage monitoring, cooling circuits and heaters can be easily integrated to ensure optimum performance and safety in all process steps.


KAMAT high-pressure pumps are a reliable, versatile and powerful solution for the process industry. They offer not only high precision and pressure performance, but also flexibility and quality to meet the complex requirements of modern production processes.

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