Safe pumping of corrosive, abrasive and volatile fluids like Ammonia

KAMAT offers powerful high-pressure plunger pumps that pump sensitive chemicals in the process industry without interference

Our customer confronts us with his problem: He needs to pump 23 lpm of a high viscosity fluid, at a pressure of 2,000 bar in a particular process application 24h per day, 365 days per year.

KAMAT can provide the answer: Our process pumps are high performance, volumetrically exact feed pumps and a typical field of use is in the chemical and petrochemical industries. Apart from reaching high pressure rates they offer the added advantage of being able to safely pump many different types of fluids. Not only corrosive, abrasive, hot and cold fluids can be pumped – even volatile and multiphase media can be handled, as well as fluids of a high viscosity.

KAMAT engineers design such pumps of modular design and these are manufactured to a high extent in in-house production to highest quality standards. Whether designed and built as a package solution or as a single pump, the KAMAT pump fulfils the demands of the process industry. Our modular design system for process pumps makes it easy to provide specific features such as liquid sealing, leakage monitoring, cooling circuits and heating devices.

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