Rotating Nozzle PRD3500 LV: Perfect for Industrial Applications

The Rotating Nozzle PRD3500 LV is a versatile tool designed for use with guns and manipulators, ideal for industrial high-pressure washing and restoration applications. This high-quality rotating nozzle is particularly effective for tasks such as concrete restoration, paint and varnish removal, offering uniform, streak-free cleaning with high surface coverage. The speed of the nozzle is easily controlled by an adjustable eddy current brake.

Lightweight and Easy to Service: The Redesigned Rotating Nozzle PRD3500 LV

The newly redesigned PRD3500 LV, also known as the “Light Version,” features a modern design that is lightweight, compact, and simple to maintain. With a reduced weight and slimmer housing, this nozzle allows for efficient handling, weighing only 1 kg without the nozzle head and 1.55 kg with the nozzle head, compared to the previous model’s 2.25 kg. The range of interchangeable nozzle heads (DK1 to DK4) offers flexibility for various blasting applications, from large area cleaning to precision work in challenging-to-reach areas. These rotating nozzles are compatible with our mobile high-pressure unit KamJet, featuring 20 l/min and 3000 bar capabilities.

Versatile Nozzle Head Options for Optimal Results

The Rotating Nozzle PRD3500 LV rotating nozzle comes with a range of nozzle head options that cater to different needs, ensuring optimal results for various applications. The high-volume DK4 is ideal for concrete restoration using high-pressure water, while the smaller DK1 and DK2 are perfect for paint and varnish removal tasks. The smaller diameter of the nozzle heads also makes them suitable for cleaning small corners with precision. Maintenance of the rotating nozzle has been simplified to facilitate quick and easy replacement of the consumable kit and nozzle head, enhancing overall efficiency and practicality.

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Technical Specification
  • max. working pressure 3,500 bar
    (350 MPa)
  • max. flow rate 50 l/min
  • min. – max. speed 1000-4000 Upm
    max. fluid temperature 90 °C
  • lengtht total 181 mm
  • outer Ø total 55 mm
  • weight incl. nozzle head model
    1,55–1,65 kg
  • weight excl. nozzle head model 1,00 kg
  • hp-connection autoclave M26x1.5
  • no. of nozzle inserts min.- max 3-6
  • usable nozzle inserts straight jet screwed nozzles type 0964
Special Features
  • the rotating nozzle achieves an even surface cleaning without streaks, due to its rotation
  • adjustable RPM because of the built-in eddy current brake
  • nozzle head and swivel joint are made of high tensile aluminium & stainless steel
  • compact, easy maintenance and long lifetime
  • leak-free
  • change of nozzle head without tool
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