Our KAMAT modular system allows us to adapt our pumps to the task at hand. This means we can tailor our product to suit you perfectly.

Our KAMAT modular system allows us to tailor our high-pressure pumps to the task at hand and our product to you. Our unique modular system allows us to choose from a wide range of possible configurations and performance options.

Versatile plunger pump solutions

All our pumps are based on different sized gearboxes, which determine the maximum drive power, and can be combined with different pumpheads and pumphead valves, which determine the flow and pressure generated by the pump. The materials used for the parts exposed to the process determine the ability to pump different media, whether they are aggressive, difficult fluids or fluids with suspended particles.

Standardised and modular advantages

The benefits of a modular system for the customer are many, including a powerful pump design, a user-oriented, customised pump design, flexible and rapid change of characteristics, even in the field, by replacing individual modular parts, and flexibility in pressure, flow rate, power consumption and materials of construction.

Customisation made easy

The benefits of standardisation and modularity are many. We are able to adapt our products extremely well to the application and provide you with cost-effective, customised solutions quickly. This strength doesn’t just apply to our pumps, it also makes it easier to build complete systems and units with our pumps. The units can then be further adapted to your application by adding our own valves.

Quality materials for demanding fluids

Even our most basic parts are made only from high quality alloy steels! The benefits of modular and standardised parts are endless, as demonstrated by our ability to deliver cost effective customised solutions quickly. KAMAT has the specific know-how to design pumps that can handle even the most aggressive fluids or fluids with suspended particles, thanks to the quality materials used for our process-exposed parts.

Flexible system adaptation

Our pumps are built by combining different gear sizes, pump heads and pump head valves, which determine the flow rate and pressure produced by the pump.

Graphics illustrating modularity and applications

The flexibility and adaptability of our modular system is illustrated in the diagram, which show the components and applications of the KAMAT system.

All the advantages of the KAMAT modular system at a glance:

  • Implementation of a powerful and robust pump concept
  • Development of a user-oriented and customer-specific pump concept
  • Swift and flexible alteration of characteristics, even when deployed on site, by exchanging single modular parts
  • High level of flexibility in terms of pressure, flow rate, power input, and construction material used
  • Adherence to a value-based pricing strategy
  • Use of readily available components and spare parts
  • Fast and cost-efficient manufacturing
  • Emphasis on the use of field-tested known parts, rather than one-off parts


Pump with M-Head

Pump with A-Head





M valve plate

M valve soft

A valve

Pump head A valve


Pressure Regulators


Unloader Valves

Control Valves

Pump head A valve

Safety Valves

Pump head A valve



Grafic figure Manometer with arrows showing various high-pressure application fields for high-pressure pumps with m-head


Grafic figure Manometer with various high-pressureapplications