Surface Cleaner 3000 Air

Surface Cleaner 3000 Air: Exceptional High-Pressure Cleaning

The Surface Cleaner 3000 Air is an impressively robust high-pressure cleaning device. Capable of handling pressures of up to 3,000 bar, it tackles cleaning tasks with efficiency and precision. To enhance its operation further, we’ve equipped it with pneumatically driven rotating nozzles, ensuring consistent and thorough cleaning at all times.

Key Features:

  • High-Pressure Performance: With its remarkable pressure capacity, the Surface Cleaner 3000 Air delivers outstanding results on various surfaces.
  • Rotating Nozzles: The 200 mm wide rotating nozzle covers a wide area, making cleaning more effective and efficient.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Our cleaner can be fitted with a suction device, creating a trouble-free and dirt-free working environment. This not only improves visibility but also reduces the impact of the cleaning process on the surroundings.

Choose the Surface Cleaner 3000 Air for powerful, operator-friendly cleaning that gets the job done

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Technical Specification
  • max. working pressure: 3,000 bar
  • max. flow rate: 40 l/min
  • connection: M 26 x 1.5 female
  • working width: 250 mm
  • weight: approx. 55 kg
  • vacuum fitting: G 1 1/2″
  • max. nozzle quantity: 8

Pneumatic drive

  • speed: 0 – 1000 rpm
  • air connection: Coupling plug NW 7
  • air requirement: 5,3 l/s (filtered & oiled air)
  • air working pressure: 6,3 bar
Special Features
  • nozzle inserts M 10 – type 964
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