KAMAT High-Pressure Gun KSP 1500, showing full view with nozzle and handle

High-Pressure Jetting Gun

KAMAT High-Pressure Dump Gun 3000, full view from handle to nozzle

High-Pressure Jetting

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High-pressure guns for precision work with water

High-pressure cleaning and processing of surfaces with water requires precise control of the water jet. This is one of the factors that determines whether an optimum work result is achieved in a cost-effective time frame. Safe and fatigue-free working is crucial. We offer a specially developed and self-produced selection of high-pressure guns for this purpose.

The nozzle on the gun creates a high pressure which causes the water to emerge at a very high speed. This high velocity water jet can be used as a tool.

Advantages of KAMAT high-pressure guns:

  • Fatigue-free handling
  • Safe handling
  • Easy maintenance
  • Manufactured in Germany
  • Compatibility with other KAMAT accessories

Ergonomically perfected high-pressure guns

We have achieved the exceptional ergonomics of the devices through a number of innovative detailed solutions: for example, our high-pressure guns have a special ergonomic handle which means that there are no dangerous, tiring lateral forces despite the recoil of the water jet. In addition, optimum hose routing is possible for all work situations, as the hose can be connected from all directions. Our high-pressure guns are supplemented by different variants of foot valves, rotating gun lances, rotating nozzles and other accessories for a wide range of applications.

What to consider when buying a high-pressure gun?

For optimum results, the high-pressure gun should match your specific requirements and intended use. You should consider the following factors when selecting a product:

  • Maximum operating pressure
  • Maximum flow rate
  • Compatibility with nozzles and high-pressure lances

Of course, it is also important to look out for high material quality and robust workmanship. With KAMAT products, you can always rely on the highest quality. Should something not be to your complete satisfaction, our service team will be happy to help you.

KAMAT High Pressure Gun KSP cleaning a car door
KAMAT High-Pressure Gun with KAMAT Rotating Nozzle in the hand of a worker

Why should you buy high-pressure guns from KAMAT?

KAMAT has been manufacturing industrial high-pressure solutions for almost 50 years. Our focus is on high-pressure pumps that meet the most demanding requirements. The industrial pumps are custom-made products that are specially adapted to the individual application. Our experienced experts will be happy to advise you on our high-pressure guns and the other products in our range. Choose high-pressure technology from KAMAT now and experience the best quality with the most efficient performance.