High-pressure technology for naval industries and shipyards

Descaling and paint removal of ship hulls and all other surfaces

KAMAT high-pressure solutions have long been a part of the naval industry and are being used for all cleaning applications. They are often used as a mobile device to either remove dirt, paint, rust or other substances from surfaces. We have developed magnetic crawlers that specialized on remote controlled cleaning jobs on steep, vertical or even overhead surfaces with a jetting width of 350 mm. Also are our pumps made off anti-corrosive alloyed steels making them extremely resistant to the harsh conditions faced in shipyards or at sea.

KAMAT pumps increasingly popular for alternative drive technologies in the maritime industry and shipyards

KAMAT pumps are being used for the injection of conventional and alternative fuels like, methanol, ammoniac, diesel and all possible alternatives too. Many modern fuels require injection into the combustion chamber at very high pressures. The high efficiency and resistance to complicated media of KAMAT pumps makes them a perfect match. Also are all our pumps compliant to ATEX and many more standards required for safe use in difficult surroundings.

Another difficulty in the naval sector is space. Space is often a very limited resource, and some spaces cannot be always accessed. KAMAT pumps are therefore designed to be space efficient and can be installed vertically or horizontally. Also are the service intervals long and can be done without the need for power lifts or other space consuming equipment.

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High-Pressure Pumps
Back view of the green container with the KAMAT High-Pressure Unit K40036a-3G-dw530b
High-Pressure Units
Showing KAMAT Surface Cleaner Gekko 350 from the back.
High-Pressure Surface Cleaner