Water hydraulics – high-pressure pumps with power and precise impact

High-performance drive solution for areas with fire hazards or high environmental protection requirements

Flexibility is one of our strong points: KAMAT is equally at home in the market of hydraulics. Our system solutions for hydraulic applications generate power and transfer it via piping to the exact location where it is needed. Many of these industrial applications are oil hydraulic installations. KAMAT pump units are employed at pressures up to 3,500 bar, for instance for plain bearings in rolling mills.

Water hydraulics as an ecological and safe drive

KAMAT is a specialist when it comes to developing water-hydraulic systems for many industries where ecological and safety aspects are of major priority. The power of water is effectively applied in numerous areas to protect both, persons and the environment. Canal locks and lifting bridges are application areas where KAMAT high-pressure systems are well-proven in the protection of inshore waters. Probably the biggest market for water hydraulics constitute underground coal mines; apart from the ecological aspects, high-pressure systems are often put to use here since the safety of the mine workers is of utmost importance. In a similar manner, such systems are used in the metal-working industry – for instance on hydraulic presses and forges – as the danger of explosion or fire is considerably reduced. In the process of hot descaling, the KAMAT pump is an indispensable asset in order to fulfil today‘s quality requirements with regard to rolling mills.

Engineering, quality and expertise make KAMAT a leader in water hydraulics in the mining hydraulics segment

Our highly-specialised engineers are continually developing the components required for such systems, to ensure long-term reliability and top performance. A special feature, designed and developed by KAMAT specifically for the requirements of the water hydraulics industry, is a sealing system without oil lubrication. Highest possible engineering standards, combined with unmatched quality make KAMAT a leader in the segment of mining technology.

The use of water hydrauilcs in practice in the steel industry
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Mining Hydraulics