Flexibility for the customer through an independent, simple maintenance on site. Our plant constructions are designed for this.

The simple maintenance of our pumps on site by the operator of the respective system enables a high level of flexibility. One example: If there is an unscheduled shutdown time, the high-pressure pumps can be maintained by your own employees at this time without preliminary scheduling.

How is this autonomy enabled as early as in the design stage? On principle, we plan that no special tools or lifting gear are necessary for the maintenance. For example, the pump head of a KAMAT high-pressure pump does not have to be removed in order to enable the high-pressure seal of the plunger to be replaced. Even with a general overhaul, the pump head remains on the pump. In addition, we place value on enabling the maintenance of gears without draining off the oil. Furthermore, a consistent similar-part strategy guarantees that customers with different pumps are able to use many wear parts for different models.

KAMAT seal assembly packing gasket and sealing system by a female staff member, close pic of her in blue painted nails mounting the parts.

Customers can choose: Independent maintenance on site or with maintenance contract by us

If our customers wish to implement the maintenance themselves, then we recommend prior maintenance training with one of our global partners, or directly with KAMAT.

Of course we and our partners also offer maintenance execution as well as maintenance agreements.

Regardless of whatever type of implementation you decide on, we are glad to support you in a planning consultation concerning customized-maintenance intervals and efficient spare-parts management.

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