High-pressure anduUltra-high-pressure pumps successful as individual solution for processes in the chemical and petrochemical industries

Unique solutions for individual processes

One more advantage of plunger pumps for chemical applications is cost-effective material selection for the parts of the pump in contact with the medium. Almost all components are manufactured on our flexible CNC machines and even „one-off” manufacturing is possible.

Individual solutions for the chemical and petrochemical industries – KAMAT pumps cost-effective alternative

Our design department cooperates closely with the client, aiming to find individual, economical alternatives to existing methods or even to find solutions for tasks which previously were not possible at all. Whenever it is not absolutely essential to achieve hermetical sealing, the KAMAT plunger pump provides a sensible alternative.

Plunger pumps offer extremely high efficiency – making them particularly advantageous in reverse osmosis

In many cases KAMAT pumps are the sole solution: should the requirement be for an ultra-high pressure pump to meet clean-in-place standards (automatic feed of cleaning agent through the unit) KAMAT can provide a suitable pump for a pressure range of up to 3,500 bar. Above all, in the field of reverse osmosis, the KAMAT pump with its high rate of energetic efficiency and compact design offers considerable advantages.

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Application examples in the chemical industry

  • high pressure homogenisation
    up to 3,500 bar
  • methanol injection
  • glycol injection
  • reverse osmosis
  • gas washing plants
  • polyol pressing
  • crude oil injection
  • fuel injection
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