Superior efficiency in comparison to commonly used technologies

During times of surging energy costs and increased awareness for Co2 emission, old practices must be rethought and new paths have to be considered. That’s why the usage of plunger pumps has become increasingly popular for the fresh water supply. Conventionally used pumps in distribution of freshwater achieve very low energy efficiencies, causing unnecessary high energy bills and the emission of unnecessary CO2 into the atmosphere. KAMAT pumps don’t.

fresh water as a mood picture for fresh water supply

Savings of up to 25 % in the fresh water distribution possible

Our KAMAT high-pressure technology can achieve savings up to 25 % in energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Our plunger pumps can achieve energy efficiency rates of 95 % and above, saving you form large energy bills and increasing sustainability at the same time. Also are all our pumps low in maintenance and are no more complicated to control than the outdated technologies at use now.

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