Targeted removal of concrete with high-pressure pump systems

With high-pressure technology in the range between 2,000 and 3,000 bar, porous concrete can be removed without damaging the reinforcement. Also coatings are removed in this way free of residue. Water high-pressure technology in the range between 2,000 and 3,000 bar is best suited for concrete upgrading: Coatings from fine mortar layers up to bitumen, or even contamination, can be removed simply with high-pressure water.

Concrete upgrading by means of high-pressure technology enables a removal which is gentle and very precise.

In addition, damaged concrete can be broken open and removed, without damaging the reinforcing iron bars that are exposed. KAMAT high-pressure accessories for plunger pumps, such as the specially developed high-pressure gun, can be used very selectively in this application and enabling fatigue-free, efficient working.

Mood Picture concrete renovation. It is a picture of a disturbed concrete wall.

Concrete renovation with high-pressure water technology: best practice example of a skyscraper’s renovation

A KAMAT customer applied the high-pressure water technology with a KAMAT high-pressure pump system in case of a 17-floor multi-story building in Milan, in order to simultaneously eliminate a thick epoxy coating and defective concrete. The concrete upgrading on this building had become necessary after water had penetrated through too little concrete cover to the reinforcing steel, the steel or these reinforcing bars then increased in volume due to corrosion and had fractured the concrete. Despite the high pressure, the special KAMAT nozzles enabled a fine water jet for very precise treatment with little water flow, even very close to windows, expansion joints, antennas, cables, etc., without damaging them.

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