This picture is showing the green KAMAT high-pressure foot valve with the connections. Printed on top of the connections ist the Serial.Nr., the KAMAT Logo and the max. of 3000 bar

KAMAT Foot Valves and Foot Switches: Safe and comfortable components for pump systems.

KAMAT foot valves and foot switches are products of the highest technical quality. They are designed for opening and closing the water supply to high-pressure jetting equipment.

Function of the foot valves and switches with the high-pressure spraying device

With this valve, the water supply to a high-pressure jetting device can be opened and closed. The water is supplied by a high-pressure hose line, which is connected to the foot valve. By pressing the pedal of the valve, the valve opens. When the pedal is released, the valve closes and the water runs off thorugh the bypass without pressure.

Work safety and comfort even higher, thanks to remote-controlled valve units and control processes

The foot valve and the high-pressure pump can also be connected to each other via an electrical switching element. If the pump has an appropriate control, the pressure generation is mechanically switched on or off when the valve is actuated. Both, in the development and construction of the KAMAT foot valve, the rules of technology as well as valid standards and guidelines are applied.

Accordingly, the foot valve is designed in such a way that hazards are largely excluded when used as intended. Our foot valve can even increase occupational safety and comfortable working if additional valve units and control operations are remotely controlled with our valve. To switch pressure generation on and off, the foot valve can optionally be equipped with a remote control.

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Technical Specification

Foot Valve 1500

  • operating pressure: 1,500 bar
  • Nominal diameter: DN 8
  • Connection: M26 x 1.5 IG
  • Design: mechanical

Dump Foot Valve 1500

  • operating pressure: 1,500 bar
  • Nominal diameter: DN 6
  • Connection: M24 x 1.5 DKO
  • Design: mechanical

Dump Foot Valve 3000

  • operating pressure: 3,000 bar
  • Nominal diameter: DN 6
  • Connection: autoclave HD-screw connection
    Pressure ring M14x1.5 LH and
    Pressure screw M26x1.5
  • Design: mechanical

Foot switch

  • Design: electrical
Special Features
  • compact and robust
  • meet high safety standards
  • Foot Valve 1500
  • Dump Foot Valves 1500 or 3000
  • mechanical
  • electric foot switch optional
  • additional equipment available
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