High-pressure pumps for sensitive media and fluids containing solid particles

Safe pumping of various sensitive media, including drilling slurry in the oil and gas industry

High-pressure process pumps in the oil and gas industry require very special solutions suitable for the various sensible fluids that need to be dealt with. The challenging properties of those sensitive fluids including aggressiveness, heat, coldness, explosiveness, toxicity, and corrosiveness ask for special solutions. Those applications, are what we have developed special high-pressure pumps and customer specific high-pressure solutions for.

Easy fluid media distribution via pumps, even with solids suspended within it

We have developed specialised pumps for the distribution of drilling slurry, for cuttings reinjection or hydrofracking, and going as far as the transport of drilling debris. All this is admissible using our very own KAMAT sealing system. One of the most frequent uses of our systems being the reinjection of water.

Highly versatile modular systems, easily optimised to the application

Our high-pressure pumps are distributing different fluids at a very high efficiency. The modular system, that all our pumps are based on, combined with a big variety of materials, enable us to adapt our pumps to even the most unique application. All of that without the need of producing high numbers to keep costs low.

KAMAT high-pressure solutions with the use of special materials in the oil and gas industry

The employment of special materials, including nickel based alloys for the parts in contact with water, is the state-of-the-art for us. Thus, we offer high-pressure pumps which pump media with viscosities up to 2,000 mPas; solid matter can contain up to 0.35 mm particles. For abrasive media, we have developed special valve and seal constructions, also we offer standard pumps for fluid and ambient temperatures to -50 °C and +200 °C.

Our competence in pressure-testing

We have developed a high competence when it comes to testing various systems for pressure resistance, including pipelines, pressure tanks and other pressure containing systems: Using our engineering-know-how, we build testing units, tailor-made to your appliance. One example of our expertise being a patented, virtual 9-Cylinder pump for pipeline stress testing.

ATEX and API 674 certified

Often, the oil and gas industry requires the fulfillment of special norms and safety requirements. Be sure that we are not just aware of these, but can also meet them. For example, all KAMAT high-pressure pumps can be delivered meeting the ATEX or API 674 requirements.

If you have any questions, ask our expert teams, ready to support you!

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