High-tech high-pressure jetting lance RotoLance with maximum performance

The high-pressure jetting lance RotoLance is a fine tool composed of our ergonomic grips and a pneumatic engine, driving the rotation of the lance. The great advantage of a rotating lance is the movement of the center of mass towards the handle. This allows for a less tiring working process and protects the drive from unnecessary dirt while also providing for a maximum of efficiency with the rotation of the lance.

The high-pressure jetting lance KAMAT RotoLance versatile in function

The construction of our high-pressure jetting lance allows for a versatile application. Some of its current applications include the cleaning of pipes and surfaces, industrial cleaning, but also devarnishing and concrete repair.

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Technical Specification
  • max. working pressure: 3,000 bar
  • max. flow rate: 50 l/min
  • pressure connection:
    M 26 x 1.5 female
  • connection for nozzle head:
    M 14 x 1.5 LH male
  • total length: approx. 1000 mm
  • weight: approx 6 kg complete
  • approx 3.5 kg without handle
  • temperature: max. 90 °C

Pneumatic Drive

  • speed rpm: 0 – 1800 rpm
  • air connection: quick coupling
    for air hose ID 6
  • air requirement: 5.0 l/s
    (filtered & oiled air)
  • air working pressure: 6.3 bar
Special Features
  • RotoLance complete with rotating tube
  • protection tube
  • pneumatic drive and initiator (without nozzle head)


  • without gun handle

Additional Equipment

  • shoulder support
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