High-Pressure Jetting DumpGun – Reliable yet Simple

High-Pressure Jetting Guns DumpGun – Simple and Reliable

Our DumpGun high-pressure jetting guns combine straightforward technology with high reliability. These valve-operated overflow jetting guns are controlled via a switch on the handle. The flow of the medium can be directed either through the high-pressure line or through a dump line that discharges the medium almost pressure-free. This technology is known for its robustness. When combined with the high-quality materials exclusively used at KAMAT, our two DumpGuns (DumpGun1500/DumpGun3000) become extremely dependable tools.

Absolute high pressure for the DumpGun spray guns is 1500 and 3000 bar.

We offer two different versions of DumpGuns, depending on the required operating pressure for each application:

  • The DumpGun1500 variant is suitable for pressures up to 1500 bar.
  • The DumpGun3000 variant can handle pressures up to 3000 bar.

Both variants are compatible with all our high-pressure nozzles and can be used with fluids at temperatures of up to 50°C

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Technical Specification
  • max. working pressure: 1,500 bar / 3,000 bar
  • max. capacity: 40 l/min / 30 l/min
  • connection: M 26×1,5 female
  • total length: 1000 mm
  • weight: approx. 3.4 kg, complete
    approx. 3.1 kg without spray tube and bypass tube
  • temperature: max. 50 °C

Usable nozzle inserts

  • insert nozzles form A+B and C
  • threaded nozzle inserts PRD 3500 type 0952(up to 3,000 bar)
  • rotating nozzle PRD 3500 LV
  • nozzle heads DK1 – DK4 for PRD 3500 LV
  • orbital nozzle KOD 1500
  • orbital nozzle KOD 2500
Special Features

HP Jetting Gun complete

  • hp-gun with spray tube 750 mm
  • handle
  • bypass tube 400 mm
  • nozzle holder for insert nozzles


without spray tube and nozzle holder

Additional Equipment

  • shoulder support
  • initiator for remote control
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