This picture shows the KAMAT High-Pressure Unloader Valve DN50

Smooth Control for Precise Pressure

KAMAT unloader valves offer smooth control of flow directions and pressure—making them the ideal solution for both fixed and varying volumes. Whether you’re dealing with pipelines, vessels, or other applications, our unloader valves deliver reliable performance.

Key Features of the KAMAT Unloader Valves:

  • Pressure Testing Companion: KAMAT unloader valves are your trusted partners during hydrostatic testing. Their smooth action ensures precise pressure control even in challenging conditions.
  • Enhanced Reliability: We’ve incorporated a surge valve, further protected by its own filter. This filter is essential when solid particles are present in the conveyed medium (think reinjection of drill slurry into drilling holes).
  • Versatile Control Options: Our valves are not only reliable but also easy to control. You can operate them mechanically, pneumatically, electrically, or hydraulically. Plus remote control: Options are available.
  • Tailored Solutions: Need special materials? KAMAT can manufacture valves to meet the specific requirements of the process industry.

KAMAT unloader valves provide smooth and reliable control over flow direction and pressure—ideal for pressure testing applications!

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Technical Specification
  • electric
  • up to 700 bar
  • up to 3600 l/min
  • nominal diameter DN16/32/50/80
  • pilot valve in 12V, 24V, 110V, 230V, explosion-proof, available
  • special versions with pneumatic pilot control
Special Features
  • control rod and valve seat at DN 32
  • made of ceramic
  • special materials available
  • pilot valve also possible according to ATEX
  • including suction valve against pressure surges
  • very compact
  • mounted directly on pump head
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