KAMAT ultra-high-pressure solutions for the food industry – cleaning of tanks, vessels and pipelines with high-pressure jets

Performing cleaning tasks in accordance with all hygienic standard

KAMAT high-pressure pumps are used by the food industry to perform demanding cleaning tasks of tanks, vessels and pipeline using high-pressure jetting. Due to the very high standards, it is of essential importance to perform all cleaning tasks without chemicals. That is why the use of pure water pressure is so effective and has become the most dominant way of cleaning in the food industry. It is a fast and effective cleaning, achieving perfect cleaning results without any need for chemicals to be used in the process. KAMAT’s cleaning systems can be customized to the specific requirements of the customer and meet FDA requirements if required in individual cases.

Preservation of Food – energetically highly efficient

Another common field of application is the use of high pressure for the homogenization and pasteurization of food under high pressure. It is highly efficient in its use of energy since it removes the need for the media, that is to be preserved, to be heated. Also are all our pumps easy to operate and can be serviced without the need for uninstalling, limiting the time of standstill. Other typical fields of application for KAMAT pumps are extraction with supercritical CO2, injection under high pressure and classic transfer pumps for higher differential pressures.

Also, can all our pumps be integrated into CIP cleaning-processes, matching all specific industrial requirements.

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