Commissioning: If high-pressure systems from KAMAT are put into operation, tests and training can be carried out at the same time

All systems that KAMAT assembles completely in Witten are also commissioned here. In this case, the commissioning process goes one step further: thanks to our modern test benches, comprehensive performance tests can be carried out over all speed ranges. We are pleased that our customers can take part in these tests as observers (witness test). Our customers often take advantage of this opportunity and combine their participation with intensive training.

Good to know: commissioning and training are also possible on site

Many customers desire an operational startup on site and we are glad to comply with this desire. In this case also, the application is implemented by two KAMAT specialists: One specialist for the mechanics and hydraulics, as well as one specialist for the control (measurement & control technology).

In case of on-site operational startups, as a matter of course we intensively instruct the operating personnel in the handling of our high-pressure systems. In this case, extensive training is possible at the actual site where it is used, which covers all fields of the special area of application.

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