Tube and pipe cleaning with KAMAT equipment

Removal of deposits and blockages with absolute ease

KAMAT has become an expert in the production of equipment for the removal of partial and complete blockages of pipes and tubes. Our high-pressure jet pipe cleaners are well known in all industries to reliably remove synthetics, concrete, bauxite, coke, and many more from pipes of different materials including steel, synthetics, or concrete.

Long lasting equipment with a very high efficiency

With the aid of our experience, we were able to develop some of the most high-tech cleaning devices there are today. They are user friendly, safe to use, and efficient. One of our trademark characteristics being to only use alloyed steels and no coated materials for the manufacturing of our high-pressure devices. This majorly increases the resilience against chemicals and increase longevity.

One can see a large pipe installation which has to be cleaned
The KAMAT Tornado on this picture

High-Pressure Pipe Cleaner