The KAMAT Technology book „High Pressure Plunger Pumps” describes and explains high-pressure plunger pumps and their correct operation

What characteristics does a plunger pump have, how should it be made up, how should it be installed?

Technical information concerning high-pressure plunger pumps can be hard to find. That’s why Jan Sprakel wrote this book covering function, designs, applications and installation. It is also why we want to recommend it to you. It presents you with a deep inside and almost anything you need to know. We like to call it our “Green Bible” because it is the first thing, we like to direct people to if they have trouble to understand the function of a HP-pump or to fresh members joining our team at KAMAT.

The book is part of a book line “The Library of Technology” from the publisher “Moderne Industrie”. It displays many applications and most importantly the correct use and installation for first time users that haven`t had any experience with plunger pumps but only circulatory pumps. It helps to avoid unnecessary damage and frustration for first-time and long-time users.

VERLAG MODERNE INDUSTRIE, Die Bibliothek der Technik Nr. 276 (2012)
Title: High Pressure Plunger Pumps: Function, designs, applications and installation
Edition: 2nd, revised edition, Pages: 70
Place of publication: Deutschland, München: Süddeutscher Verlag onpact GmbH
ISBN: 978-3-86236-038-3

If you have interest in the book, just contact us and we will happily send you one.

This picture shows the green KAMAT book about the technic of the high-pressure plunger pumps and their perfekt installation.
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