Discover the Projects we have realized so far

We are pleased to give you an insight into the projects we have already implemented. From tree planting campaigns to social initiatives, we are actively working towards a more sustainable future. Our projects span the three core areas of sustainability:

  • Sustainable governance: We are committed to promoting sustainable business practices. This includes ethical supply chains, fair labor practices and transparent governance.
  • Environmental protection: In addition to our tree planting campaigns, we are committed to protecting the environment. We are reducing our carbon footprint, tracking our CO2 emissions and working on innovative solutions to prevent and recycle waste.
  • Social Responsibility: We believe that companies have an important role to play in society. That’s why we support volunteer projects, educational initiatives and charitable organizations.

Efficient pump test run: Sustainable water use

At KAMAT, we rely on environmentally friendly test procedures that not only ensure the quality of our machines, but also conserve resources. Our test bench for testing our high-pressure pumps has been running with a closed water circuit for several years. The pumps are intensively tested to ensure their functionality.

However, these long test runs initially consumed a considerable amount of water. We have taken steps to minimize water waste:

  • Limiting the amount of water: We have limited the amount of water required for a successful pump test run and put it into a recirculation system. This reduces consumption and contributes to sustainability.
  • Annual savings: This measure allows us to save many thousands of liters of water each year. This is not only environmentally sound, but also economically efficient.

Trees for the company grounds

At KAMAT, we don’t just rely on empty words, we actively live sustainability. We firmly believe that it is our responsibility to protect the environment and have a positive impact on our planet. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we are proud  that we have already planted 23 trees right on our own premises. However, this tree planting campaign is just the beginning of our long-term commitment.

Recycling of packaging materials

Since March 2023, we have had our own machine in our shipping department to recycle old cardboard boxes into filling material. This sustainable initiative has allowed us to reduce the amount of packaging material we purchase by 30 percent. Employees can also bring their old cardboard boxes to KAMAT to be recycled into filling material. By reusing the boxes, we reduce the amount of waste, increase the recycling rate, and can reduce our costs for filling material.

Separation of recyclables

At KAMAT, we place great emphasis on the proper separation of recyclable materials, knowing that this is a crucial step for efficient recycling and the conservation of our resources. Here are some aspects of how we as a company implement the separation of recyclable materials:

  • Responsible Waste Prevention: Before we talk about recycling, we focus on waste prevention. We work to reduce packaging materials and find more environmentally friendly alternatives.
  • Internal waste separation: We have clear guidelines for waste separation at our sites. Our employees are trained to separate recyclable materials from residual waste and collect them in designated areas.
  • Optimizing costs through recycling: By properly separating recyclable materials, we can not only protect the environment, but also reduce costs. Many of the materials we have left over at the end of the day can be remanufactured or recycled. They are resold and recycled back into the raw materials cycle.
  • Working with waste management companies: We work closely with specialized waste management companies to ensure that our recyclables are properly recycled.
  • Collecting recyclables: Our employees are encouraged to collect personal recyclables such as e-waste, batteries and other recyclables from our premises and dispose of them together.

Sustainable mobility: job bikes for our employees

At KAMAT, we are proud to support a sustainable project that not only protects the environment, but also promotes the health of our employees. Our employees have the opportunity to choose a company bike and commute to work in an environmentally friendly way. The bicycles are provided by KAMAT and are in perfect condition.

Tax benefits for employees:

The deferred compensation gives our employees a tax advantage. The job bike is provided in addition to the salary that is already due, so no tax is paid on the benefit in kind. This means that our employees can use their job bike tax free.

We believe that the Job Bike is not only a sustainable alternative to conventional transportation, but also strengthens the sense of community and promotes the health of our employees.

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