Stubborn deposits and incrustations in pipes can be removed without aggressive means with KAMAT high-pressure technology

Equipped with an advance-drive unit and guide for the high-pressure hose, the Tornado system, developed by KAMAT, offers a very high-performance cleaning system. Even along sections with many bends, the pipes are freed from stubborn deposits and even completely blocked pipes can be cleaned.

This picuture shows pipe and sewer cleaning with hihg-pressure water with the technology of KAMAT

The KAMAT high-pressure technology for pipe cleaning is also suitable for large pipes, even over many pipe bends.

This special KAMAT high-pressure pipe cleaning technology is ideally suited to the cleaning of extremely soiled pipes, large diameters pipe, or along sections with many pipe bends. The operating pressure of the high-pressure nozzle, which is individually adjustable for the application, and the optional specific output, provide for a gentle and effective removal of residues without the interior walls of the pipes being damaged.

The very effective, semi-automatic KAMAT Tornado pipe-cleaning device has been used in a power station in Poland for the cleaning of ash lines. In coal-fired and oil-fired power stations, deposits are usually formed in the pipes between boiler house and waste dump. This hard incrustation reduces the pipe cross-section significantly. Even a slight narrowing of the cross-section leads to vortex formations requiring the pump performance to be increased significantly in order to pump out the ash. The greater the narrowing becomes, the more significantly the energy consumption is increased. The incrustations removed in the Polish power station with the KAMAT high-pressure pump were 30 millimeters thick at the beginning of the pipe and increased to 70 millimeters thick over full pipe run.

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