High-pressure technology by KAMAT ideal for the steel industry – perfectly equipped for descaling, force-fed lubrication, and water hydraulics

Descaling with plunger pumps at the highest possible efficiency

One of the uses of KAMAT technology and pumps is the industrial descaling in steel manufacturing. KAMAT is a supplier for complete industrial solutions including valves and controls. Historically centrifugal pumps were more popular solution for descaling but today KAMAT plunger pumps are taking over. Their superior energy efficiency of above 95 % combined with their reliability has proven to be a better solution. Most frequently our pumps are set up in “pump farms” where multiple pumps are being operated parallel to each other, creating capabilities for very high volume, and making it possible to service single pumps without causing interruptions in the production. Another important feature of our descaling units is their capability to be run with “dirty” water. Particles with a size of up to 350 ym suspended within the soil can be pumped without any issues.

Morgoil pumps force-feeding lubricant into bearings

Big and heavy equipment often relies on bearings force fed with lubricants to be operated without high wear. KAMAT is a supplier of complete morgoil units that are highly reliable.

 Water Hydraulics as supplier of force for hydraulic presses

All industrial forges rely heavily on hydraulics to provide the forces needed to deform and modify objects and materials. KAMAT pumps produce and regulate the needed pressure applied by those forges. The fluid used is commonly an emulsion of water and anti-corrosives to increase the longevity of the forge. The advantage of water as a medium over pure oil hydraulics are its characteristics, it is more dynamic but also stiffer than oil.

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