Since 1974, we have been making use of water pressure with extremely powerful and reliable high-pressure systems.

KAMAT was founded on the idea of pressurising water to extremely high pressure and using this energy in a targeted manner: The pressure can be used to operate hydraulic systems, but it can also be converted into dynamic energy, into high speed. A high-speed water jet is extremely versatile: it cuts, drills, grinds, saws, peels and much more. Over the years there have been countless applications for our high pressure technology. Not to mention the ever-growing number of process pumps and special systems.

Today we develop and manufacture high-pressure pumps, high-pressure valves, pump units and high-pressure pump accessories to the highest technical standards. With decades of experience, KAMAT has developed pumps with operating pressures of up to 3500 bar and drive powers of up to 1500 kW. Our products are used by customers all over the world and in a wide range of industries; they can be found in mines in China as well as on oil rigs in the Atlantic Ocean.

Since the management buy-out in 1979 by the then managing director Dipl.-Ing. Karl J. Sprakel, KAMAT has been a family-run business, now in its second generation. For us and our customers, this means a high degree of reliability at all levels, which will continue to characterise us in the future.

The history of KAMAT. It all startet with Myers Pumps and Dipl. Ing. Karl Sprakel


since 2014

The pump range is extended up to 1500 kW drive power. This gives KAMAT a leading role in the steel and mining industries. Competence in the process industry in particular is gradually expanded. Pressure testing equipment also became increasingly important, especially in hydrogen technology.

2012 to 2014

Building on success has always been an essential aspect of running a business: looking beyond the end of the day is what makes a business fit for the future, both in the development and manufacture of products and in the management of the company.

So 2012 was the year of many changes:

The administration and production facilities were expanded and modernised, with a focus on improved work processes. Production was given its own facility close to the old site, with unmanned shifts. The existing factory has also been expanded to include a modern paint shop and a new 1MW (megawatt) test bench.

After 38 years of successful management, Dipl.-Ing. Karl J. Sprakel handed over responsibility to the next generation in 2012: Dipl.-Ing. Jan G. Sprakel and Dr.-Ing. Andreas Wahl took over the management of the company. Since then, Karl J. Sprakel has supported the company with his experience as Chairman of the Advisory Board. In October 2014, KAMAT Pumpen GmbH & Co. KG was renamed KAMAT GmbH & Co. KG.

1987 to 2012

Dipl.-Ing. Jan G. Sprakel and Dipl.-Ök. Dirk K. Sprakel joined the company after completing their studies. Jan G. Sprakel was involved in the technical development of the products as an engineer and took over the technical management in 2000. Dirk K. Sprakel became head of the ‘water mist’ project, a new product branch of KAMAT, focusing on fire fighting with water mist. In 1997, this division was spun off into the company FOGTEC with Dirk K. Sprakel as Managing Director. This allowed both companies to develop their respective core competencies.

1983 to 1987

In addition to the opportunities offered by organic growth, Sprakel, an engineer and good businessman, also seized the opportunity to acquire Hochdruck-Apparatebau Witten in 1983. At the time, Witten’s drive components were an excellent addition to the product range. The merged companies moved together to the Witten-Annen industrial estate and from then on operated under the name KAMAT Pumps. Thanks to intensive research and development, the company became one of the market leaders in high-pressure technology. Success ensured that the production area had to be doubled in 1987.

1979 to 1983

In 1979, the American parent company separated from its European subsidiary. The managing director at the time, Karl J. Sprakel, seized the opportunity: He took over the company and continued its development under the name Myers-Europe Pumpen. Even then, the new owner recognised the key factors for future market success: development & improvement and an international sales network. These were to be promoted.

1974 to 1979

KAMAT’s origins date back to 1 January 1974: Myers Europe GmbH was founded in Essen, Germany, as the European subsidiary of a major American pump manufacturer, concentrating on the production of triplex high-pressure plunger pumps. By 1979, the company had developed a complete range of high pressure pumps and accessories.