Pressure test with reliable and powerful high-pressure technology

Many industries make use of vessels and pipelines as part of their infrastructure, for storage and transport of pressured fluids. In order to guarantee for the reliability of that infrastructure, thorough tests have to be performed at set intervals by testing for leak tightness and the durability of those components.

KAMAT has been a provider of exactly such pressure testing units for many years. Our hp units are precise tools to test for leakage and durability in pipelines and vessels. They are delivered adapted to your application, ready to go out of the box and are the perfect tool to ensure and provide proof for the functionality of your apparatus.

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Pressure-testing with three different procedures – KAMAT Units are  suitable for all of them

Our high-pressure pump units for pressure testing are very versatile. The 3,500 bar maximum testing pressure enables us to perform hydrostatic tests, bursting pressure tests and cyclic pressure tests without any difficulty.

Our units can also be set up with different drive systems. Due to their deployment in varying industries with different requirements, they can either be driven electrically, or with gas and diesel engines and are optionally mechanical, electrical or pneumatically controllable. Also are all our pressure testing units made exclusively out of high-quality alloyed steels without using any coating. This ensures for a greater durability of our parts and safe use in harsh environments.

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