Pressure test with reliable and powerful high-pressure technology

Many industries make use of vessels and pipelines as part of their infrastructure, for storage and transport of pressurised fluids. In order to guarantee for the reliability of that infrastructure, thorough tests have to be performed at set intervals by testing for leak tightness and the durability of those components.

KAMAT has been a provider of exactly such pressure testing units for many years. Our hp units are precise tools to test for leakage and durability in pipelines and vessels. They are delivered adapted to your application, ready to go out of the box and are the perfect tool to ensure and provide proof for the functionality of your apparatus.

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What are hydrostatic pressure tests?

A pressure test is carried out on components that are intended to store and transfer fluids. The aim is to prove the sufficient strength and tightness of the components. Pressure tests are part of the acceptance test and are usually carried out as hydrostatic pressure tests.

The three types of pressure tests

In the simple hydrostatic pressure test, the water pressure is slowly increased until the test pressure is reached. The test pressure will be above the maximum operating pressure of the component to ensure that the component, such as a vessel or pipeline, can safely withstand the operating conditions.

Within the cyclic pressure test, the material is repeatedly subjected to changing pressure to test its fatigue resistance. This type of pressure test is often used in the automotive industry and in gas storage technology. It often requires several thousand cycles that follow precise pressure curves.

Burst pressure testing is the pressure test used to determine the maximum pressure a component or container can withstand before it cracks or bursts. It involves gradually increasing the pressure applied to the component or container until it fails. The maximum pressure reached before failure is recorded as the burst pressure.

Burst pressure testing is commonly used for gas storage tanks, especially in industries such as oil and gas, chemical processing, aerospace and hydrogen storage, where pressure vessels and components are exposed to high pressure environments.

Versatile KAMAT pump units for all types of pressure testing up to 3500 bar

The KAMAT pump units for this pressure test are very versatile. With up to 3500 bar, hydrostatic pressure tests, burst pressure tests as well as cyclic pressure tests can be carried out without any problems. Since our high-pressure technology for pressure testing is used in a wide variety of industries, its design is also variable. These systems can be driven by diesel, electric and petrol combustion engines and can be optionally controlled mechanically, electrically or pneumatically.

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