Multi-User Valves for Efficient High-Pressure Work

At KAMAT, we offer specialized multi-user valves that efficiently distribute the output of high-pressure pumps to multiple jetting tools. These valves ensure seamless operation and precise control. Let’s explore our offerings:

Mobile Dual-User Control:

  • Designed for controlling one or two high-pressure consumers (such as high-pressure guns).
  • Available with either pneumatically or electrically controlled valves.
  • The dual-user control and consumers are interconnected via an electrical switching element.

MVS4 Multi-Consumer Control:

  • Enables simultaneous operation of up to four consumers from a single high-pressure pump.
  • Suitable for water and HFA fluids.
  • Available with pneumatic or electrically controlled valves.
  • Widely used for multi-consumer control in gun work, hydroforming applications, and test benches.

Custom Solutions:

Need something tailored to your specific project? We can design and build customized multi-user valves upon request. Contact us, and together we’ll find the perfect solution for your needs.

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KAMAT offers you customized high-pressure technology solutions for your projects. We look forward to your inquiry!

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Technische Spezifikation

Two-User Control:

  • medium: max. 1000 mPas
  • flow rate: max. 50 l/min (je Ventil)
  • pressure range max. 3500 bar
  • req. air pressure 6 – 8 bar
  • connection M14x1.5LH/M26x1.5
  • flow divider output G1“ IG

Multi-User Control MVS 4

  • medium max.: 1000 mPas
  • flow: max. 40 l/ min
  • pressure range: max. 1500 bar
  • electrical: standard 24V DC
  • pneumatical: 6 bar
  • further control voltages like 220 V,
    12 V, Ex or ATEX on request
  • Seawater resistant on request
  • Higher fluid temperatures possible
  • Energy dissipator for pressure equalization with several consumers
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