Sustainability and climate protection are among the greatest challenges of our time.

As a globally active company, KAMAT sees it as an essential part of its social responsibility to promote the careful use of natural resources and to make an active contribution to protecting the environment and nature.

With our innovative high pressure technology and our actions, we take responsibility for the future. We also express this as a partner in the Blue Competence sustainability initiative.

Blue Competence is an initiative of the VDMA (German Engineering Federation) that promotes sustainability in mechanical engineering and publicizes sustainable solutions in the industry. As a partner, KAMAT is committed to the VDMA’s 12 sustainability guidelines, which can be found at

KAMAT’s understanding of sustainability is based on the principles of economic success, fairness, respect and responsibility and integrates the dimensions of society, ecology and economy. This holistic understanding of sustainability is based on the definitions of the Brundtland Report and the German Council for Sustainable Development.

Strategically, KAMAT sees sustainability as an integral part of its corporate strategy. With sustainable business models, the company creates stable values and secures its long-term success. The technologies and solutions developed by KAMAT aim to promote sustainable development worldwide.

Operationally, this sustainable thinking is manifested in the company’s processes and products. KAMAT conserves resources and is actively involved in climate protection. The company regards its employees as its most valuable asset and encourages their commitment and the opportunity to play an active role in shaping the company. KAMAT is also committed to respecting human rights.

On a cultural level, KAMAT sees itself as a place to live and not just a place to work. In the regions in which it operates, the company assumes social responsibility and delivers on its promise to act with integrity.

On the communication level, KAMAT maintains an active exchange with all stakeholders and presents its sustainable actions in a transparent manner. Through concrete measures and the continuous development of its technologies, KAMAT makes a decisive contribution to a sustainable world. The company is committed to leaving the ecological and economic fabric intact for future generations. Products “Made in Germany” guarantee the highest quality and reliability and underline KAMAT’s commitment to environmental protection and efficiency.

For detailed information on our sustainability initiatives and to learn more about how we at KAMAT integrate environmental protection and resource conservation into our daily processes and technologies, we invite you to visit the Sustainability section of our website. There you will find comprehensive insights into our projects and measures that show how we take responsibility for our environment. Visit us at KAMAT Sustainability to learn more.

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