KAMAT and Framatome Set the Standard

KAMAT, a leading expert in high-pressure pump unit development, has partnered with Framatome to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in power plant maintenance. These customized electric high-pressure pump units are meticulously designed to meet the rigorous requirements and industry standards for industrial high-pressure cleaning of steam generators and heat exchangers in power plants.

Framatome: Innovating in the Power Industry

As a global leader in nuclear and power plant technology, Framatome delivers advanced solutions for power plant modernization and maintenance. With over six decades of experience, Framatome provides a comprehensive range of services that enhance operational safety and efficiency in power plants worldwide.

Customized High-Pressure Pumping Units by KAMAT

The KAMAT high-pressure unit, tailored specifically for Framatome, offer:

  • Compact Solution: Two pump units that can operate independently or in parallel within a 20-foot container, ensuring high mobility and flexibility for effective applications.
  • Flexible Operation: The system is designed to function at both 50Hz and 60Hz, expanding its versatility across different regions and power grids.
  • Seaworthy and CSC Approved: The container is certified by the Convention for Safe Containers (CSC), making it transportable globally. It contains essential data such as manufacturer details, approval numbers, and permissible weights.
  • Plug & Play Delivery: The container arrives with a complete control system and accessories, enabling immediate operation without additional installation.
  • Service-Friendly Design: Both the container and pump units prioritize ease of maintenance and serviceability.

Technical details of the high-pressure pump unit:

HP double pump unit, consisting of:

Triplex plunger pump K18045M21-3G

Nominal flow rate: 250 l/min
Minimum flow rate: 45 l/min
Operating pressure: 250 bar
Drive power required: 118 kW

Triplex plunger pump K 4520A2-3-E45B

Nominal flow rate: 30 l/min
Minimum flow rate: 7.5 l/min
Operating pressure: 250 bar
Drive power required: 15 kW

Redundant booster pumps
Water tank
Electric heating